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Executive Guide to Email Security

Get an executive level overview of anti-spam solution options, a description of outsourcing advantages, along with email security stats, a case study and a glossary of email security terms. Handy executive check list covers all the essential criteria you need to decide on the anti-spam and email security solution that's right for your organization.  [View.]

Anti-Spam Product Not Working?

What companies are switching to... and why.  [View.]

An Evaluation of the Total Cost of Ownership of Email Security Solutions

This whitepaper explores the differences between service and product models security. Readers will learn about the various considerations for implementing security in each of these two formats through an analysis of the total cost of (TCO) of each deployment option. Ultimately, this paper aims to improve the ability to make informed and accurate purchasing decisions by uncovering the products and services that are seldom considered before a purchase is made.  [View.]

Email Security Annual Review and Threat Report - 2005

The Postini Email Security Annual Review & Threat Report provides a summary of how spam and other email threats have evolved over the course of the past year; changes in the regulatory climate that impact email communications; how organizations have responded to changes in email threats and regulations; and what to expect in email security trends in 2005.  [View.]

Top Five Frustrations of Legacy Anti-Spam Products

For many organizations, their initial anti-spam software product or appliance has rapidly become a productivity killer—costing far more in time and effort than its purchase price suggested. This white paper describes many of the symptoms and issues you may be experiencing with your first-generation anti-spam solution, and suggests an alternative solution in the form of a unique email security managed service that overcomes these issues.  [View.]

How to Prevent the "Perfect Storm" from Devastating your Email System

The convergence of newly evolving email attacks is creating a “perfect storm” that threatens to devastate your email systems. This white paper explains these email threats and how you can protect your email system from the impending “perfect storm” in 2005.  [View.]

The Silent Killer: How Spammers are Stealing your Email Directory

There is a "silent killer" unleashed by spammers that is threatening to steal your email directory addresses through what is known as a "directory harvest attack" (DHA). You may have already observed some of the symptoms of these virtually undetectable attacks on your email systems.  [View.]

The Shifting Tactics of Spammers: What you Need to Know About New Threats

The fight against spam is shifting. New tactics from spammers and hackers are designed to defeat many legacy anti-spam content-filtering solutions. This is causing many organizations to switch from their existing anti-spam product to a more effective email security managed service solution.  [View.]


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