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TestimonialsWhenever a customer writes to us and tells us how much they appreciate our service, or how much time it's saving their employees, we know we've done something right!  Here's what just a few of our customers have said about MX Resources.

Pacific Unified Insurance Agency (Lawndale, CA)

"From my past experiences, I can testify to how difficult it is to find a company you can trust with the ability to back it up in today's complex technical environment. MX Resources and Matthew Meltzer have proven that when we need support, whether it pertains to their service or other general technical questions, they will come through for us when we need them most." - Linda Morgan, Administrative Manager

(View the complete testimonial from Pacific Unified Insurance Agency.)

Narver Associates (San Gabriel, CA)

"Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate the service you have provided us.  Before hiring MX Resources, we were using an in-house product and still bombarded by 100s of emails every day.  Postini now catches all of the bulk and about 95% of the rest of the junk!  Everyone in the office agrees that this change was a very good decision!" - Kellie Cowles, COO

Applied Office (Lodi, CA)

"I used to get about 90 emails per day, almost all junk.  Now my inbox just shows me the messages I want, and the filtering has been rock-solid.  Thanks for saving me so much time!" - David Diskin, Owner

The People Link

"I love this stuff, if I had more people to promote to I would. Spam is completely not a problem for me anymore, it's wonderful." - Leif Borgman


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