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|MX Resources spam filtering service is powered by Postini. In 2004, Network World magazine compared 41 available spam filtering services, appliances and software as to accuracy in detecting spam and false-positives. Nothing rated higher in both categories than Postini. (click here to see rating chart).

What is Postini?
Postini is an email protection service that provides each user with a Message Center where spam and viruses are filtered and quarantined. Your legitimate email messages are delivered to your email inbox, just as they always have, but junk and virus-infected email messages are routed to your Message Center. The service is customizable for each individual user.

How does it work?
Postini secures and manages your email systems without the need for software or hardware. Email bound for your company's email server is processed in real-time through the highly secure service architecture shown below.

There is virtually no delay on delivery of your legitimate mail to your in-box.

How can you help me with viruses?
Postini quarantines all virus infected email so that they never reach your company email server. These emails can then be viewed in a secure environment (the Message Center) where they can do no damage to your computer.

What are the requirements?:
In order to take advantage of MX Resources spam filtering service, you or your company must have your own domain name, that you control. For example, if your email address is yourname@earthlink.net, then this product may not be right for you. However, if your email is yourname@yourcompanyname.com and this domain name is under your control, then you have the requirements needed to use this service.

Are there any other Benefits:

• Should your company email server go down, your incoming email will be saved at Postini's servers up to 10mb (with options to purchase additional space), ensuring valuable email is not lost
• Spammers constantly change their tactics to get around spam barriers. Postini's programmers are constantly improving and upgrading the software. This is often not available with the purchase of other spam filtering software or appliances.

How do I enroll in the service?
Help is only a phone call away! Click here to contact us.