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Corporate Information

Number of employees with email:


Average annual salary per employee:


Average daily emails
(valid and spam) per employee:
• typically 60 emails including spam


Percentage of email that is spam:
• typically 30-60%1



Calculate the Cost of Spam and Viruses (see below)

Annual Cost of Spam

Estimated annual cost of spam per employee2:  

Annual cost of spam for company:


The Solution

Mxresources™ services will reduce your spam and viruses by an estimated 95% and virtually eliminate IT productivity loss.

Estimated payback period for annual cost of Mxresources services3:  

1 - Percentage of spam based on Postini Email Stat Track
2 - Based on spending 3 seconds per spam email for 220 paid workdays per year. According to Ferris Research, spam is expected to cost American corporations about $168 per employee for 2003.
3 - Based on reducing spam and viruses by 95%