MX Resources


Case Study: Pacific United Insurance Agency

Pacific Unified Insurance began working with MX Resources because we could not get the level of service we required from our previous spam filtering provider. Once we explained to Matthew Meltzer what we needed and the time frame we wanted it to happen, he made it happen for us. Matthew was very responsive to our needs. The change over to his system was virtually effortless on our part aside from providing him with our email addresses. From the first day on his filtering system, 99 % of our spam/junk mail went away. The system works and managing it was also very easy. Did I mention, it is less expensive too?

Recently, a major crisis occurred in our office when our email completely shut down. We couldn't figure out what was going on and I started making calls to our tech, our web page host and our T1 line provider. Lastly, I called Matthew at MX Resources. Though I was sure his company was not responsible, I was desperate to reach anyone more qualified than I to figure out this problem. Matthew was the first to call me back. I explained to him what was happening and he immediately took action. He did some checking and discovered that somehow the MX records for our domain had been changed. He instructed me to call our web page host and tell them specifically what had happened and to demand an immediate fix to our domain records. Mathew even gave me his personal cell phone number so I could reach him if I needed further assistance. Within an hour our email was up and running.

From my past experiences, I can testify to how difficult it is to find a company you can trust with the ability to back it up in today's complex technical environment. MX Resources and Matthew Meltzer have proven that when we need support, whether it pertains to their service or other general technical questions, they will come through for us when we need them most.

Linda Morgan

Administrative Manager

Pacific Unified Insurance Agency, Inc.