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How It Works

To demonstrate how MX Resources and Postini filtering works,
you should have a basic understanding of how email works.

1) Email is shown coming from four different servers across the Internet. Most are junk mail or viruses and come from overseas or computers that have been taken over by other viruses. Some are legitimate messages being sent by your vendors or clients.

2) All of these messages enter your company’s email server or through an email service provider.

3) Then, your computer downloads the mail waiting for it on the server.

With MX Resources email filtering service,
the process is slightly different, as depicted here:

You’ll notice that before anything is delivered to your email server (in the new step 2) it must first pass through the MX Resources filtering service. By directing your email to us first, our service filters out the junk and delivers the rest to your existing email service. Your server only receives legitimate email, so your users don’t have to deal with unwanted or harmful email.

"MX Resources has proven that when we need support, whether it pertains to their service or other general technical questions, they will come through for us when we need them most."

– Linda Morgan,
Administrative Manager,
Pacific Unified Insurance Agency

“Before hiring MX Resources, we were using an in-house product and still bombarded by hundreds of emails every day. Postini now catches all of the bulk and about 95% of the rest of the junk! Everyone in the office agrees that this change was a very good decision!"

– Kellie Cowles,
COO, Narver Associates

Effective Email Security

Message Security, powered by Postini, provides highly effective inbound and outbound email security for organizations of all sizes. It simplifies the task of managing security and compliance of email messages and frees up valuable IT resources. Message Security is always on and always current, so organizations are assured of having effective and reliable protection for their email at all times.

Improving Messaging Performance

Leveraging a patented, on-demand architecture, Message Security blocks spam, phishing, viruses, and other email threats before they reach your organization, reducing load on your email servers, conserving bandwidth and improving the performance of your existing messaging infrastructure. Message Security is delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, saving money and IT resources because there is no hardware or software to install and maintain.

End User Email Management

Message Security conserves IT resources by eliminating the constant patching and updates that are required by other appliance or software solutions. It also reduces the burden on your IT help desk by empowering your end users to manage their own message quarantines and settings with an easy-to-use, web-based interface. Rather than calling your help desk, end users can inspect their message quarantines and deliver any desired messages. Users regularly receive a quarantine summary email with their quarantine details. They are also able to fine-tune their spam protection settings to their own preferred levels. All of these end user controls are totally configurable on a policy level, giving you complete control over what end users are allowed to do.

Enforce Email Security Policies

Message Security can automatically enforce your email security policies. This policy enforcement helps assure legal and regulatory compliance for both inbound and outbound email across your organization. Transport Layer Security (TLS) support is available at no additional charge. It encrypts sensitive email communications and can be automatically enforced for all communications between designated email domains. This ensures that sensitive or regulated communications are always delivered with the appropriate level of security.

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