Help - Service Plan

Which Plan do I Choose?

MX Resources offers the award-winning Postini filtering service two different ways:

Basic - We filter your in-bound email and hold it for you on our POP3 email server.

Enterprise - We filter your in-bound and out-bound emails, working with your existing email server or ISP.

Plan Features

Regardless of the method you choose, you will still get junk mail and virus filtering on all inbound messages and all of the additional benefits of using the Postini preemptive email filtering service.





Junk Mail Filtering


Virus Filtering

  Directory Harvest Protection
  Message Spool Retention
  Per-User Setting and Quarantine Interface
  POP3 Email Service w/ Web Mail  
  Outbound Attachment Filtering  
  Outbound Content Filtering  
  Delivery Load Balancing  

Service Pricing

MX Resources charges a small monthly fee per mailbox for its service.  There are no term commitments, no termination fees, no hardware fees, and no hidden costs.

  Basic Filtering w/ POP3   $3/mo per User
  Enterprise Filtering   $4/mo per User