Help - Number of Users

How Many Users do I Need?

Generally speaking, you will want to filter junkmail and viruses from each user in your organization.  If you have 15 email accounts, enter 15 in this field.

What about "Aliases" or "Forwards"?

We do not charge any extra for aliases and forwards, and thus you do not need to specify them in your user count.  After the service has been enabled, you will be able to log in and set up any forwards and aliases you have in your domain.

Should I Add Accounts for Forms and other "Non-Users"?

To protect your domain from junk mail and viruses, any email accounts that we are not aware of will not be delivered mail.  Thus, if you have email accounts that act as repositories for web-based forms and other automated systems, you still need to add them to your User Count so that we can adequately filter them.