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  1. How do I know when I have messages in quarantine?
    You should log in to your Message Center periodically to review your quarantined messages, deliver any legitimate messages and remove junk messages. You will receive an email notification on a regular basis in your primary email inbox if any messages have been quarantined.
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  2. What if I don't want my email to be filtered?
    Set Junk Email Blocking to off in the Junk Email Settings page, or contact your email administrator.
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  3. Can someone else read my email?
    Postini's patent-pending email processing technology allows messages to be processed in real-time as the packets flow through the Postini servers, and so legitimate messages are not written to disk. This ensures that Postini does not expose your data to hackers or potential loss of data. Postini's filters process all email without human contact with mail flow or individual messages.
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  4. Why do I need to enable cookies when logging into my Message Center?
    Cookies are only used to identify and validate users. The persistent cookie contains the email address of the user who last logged in to Postini. This cookie is only used when logging in. All other cookies expire within 40 minutes or when the browser is exited. When the "Remember my Address and Password” checkbox is checked, then the cookie will not expire for the Message Center until the "Logout" link is clicked.
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  5. What happens to messages I have delivered from the Message Center?
    They are delivered directly to your inbox and a copy is placed in the Delivered folder.
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  6. What happens to email I delete from quarantine?
    When messages are removed, they will be completely purged from the Removed items folder approximately 2 days after removal. If you would like the purge to be immediate, click on the "Empty Trash" button from the Removed folder. Unless specifically removed, messages will be quarantined for 14 days.
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  7. Why can't I log in? What if I have trouble getting in to my Message Center?
    If you enter an incorrect password on the log in screen, the system will provide you with an additional opportunity to enter your username and password. If the problem persists, contact your email administrator directly for assistance or email
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  8. What if I have two or more separate email addresses?
    You should map all your email accounts to the same Message Center to ensure spam does not get through. See the Account Settings section of the Configuration chapter.
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  9. Can I import my contacts or address book to the Approved Senders list?
    No. You can manually enter them. We suggest adding the domains, if practical, so you do not reach the character limit for the Approved Sender list.
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  10. What if messages are quarantined that I want delivered to my email inbox (false quarantines)?
    Adjust your spam filters to a more lenient setting and add senders to your Approved Senders list.
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  11. What if a lot of junk email is still getting through?
    The heuristic filters can block up to 95% of spam from reaching your inbox. Unwanted messages can still get through. Follow the suggestions below to maximize your filter effectiveness: Increase your settings. The more aggressive the filter setting, the fewer spam messages will reach your inbox. Please note that the more aggressive the setting, the more often you should visit the Message Center to confirm that legitimate messages are not quarantined. If they are, add those senders or domains to your Approved Sender list. Review your Approved Senders List. Do you have other email addresses forwarding to this account? Check to be sure your addresses are NOT on the Approved Senders List. Forward your spam. Participate in keeping the filters accurate by sending your unfiltered spam messages AS ATTACHMENTS in email to This does not guarantee that these messages will be filtered in the future, but will be used by engineers for filter tuning.
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  12. How do I get technical support?
    Technical support can be obtained from several sources including your company's email administrator or via the web at If you still have questions, email or call (888) 556-7788.
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